Esatto 400L Top Mount Fridge – Stainless Steel

From $9.95
Per Wk over 36 Months

Based on a RRP of $673.00 – Minimum rental before upgrade (after 12 months if 36 months contract) = $517.40*
This product you can Rent to Upgrade It or Rent to Keep It. Terms and Conditions apply – see T&C’s tab for further information.
Delivery charges may apply, these are payable separate to your rental contract and prior to delivery of goods.

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  • Brand – Esatto
  • Model Number – RTM400X
  • Finish Colour – Stainless Steel
  • Height (mm) – 1712 mm
  • Width (mm) – 696 mm
  • Depth (mm) – 685 mm
  • Warranty – 2 Years
  • Warranty Note – Parts and labour
  • Reversible Door Hinge 
  • Default Door Hinge – Right
  • Volume L – 400 L
  • Frost Free
  • Freezer Volume – 113 L
  • Fridge Volume – 287 L
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Temperature Control – Manual
  • Multiflow air delivery
  • Internal Lighting – LED
  • Fridge Type – Top Mount Fridge

Rent & Upgrade It

Rental Terms

Term  Weekly Rate
Debt Waiver: INCLUDED 12 Months Please Enquire
Service: INCLUDED 24 Months Please Enquire
Upgrade It: At end of Minimum Upgrade Term 36 Months $9.95
Keep It: Not Available 42 Months $9.10
48 Months $7.95

Rent & Keep It

Rental Terms

Term  Weekly Rate
Debt Waiver: INCLUDED 36 Months $9.95
Service: INCLUDED 42 Months $9.10
Upgrade It: Not available 48 Months $7.95
Keep It: Keep at end of term


FREE to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne Metropolitan Areas and Gold Coast area.

All other areas a delivery charge will apply depending on your location, this delivery charge will be a one-off payment prior to delivery of goods payable directly to Pay Less Rentals and cannot be added to your inRent rental contract.


This service is not available in any location. It is the responsibility of the person renting the goods to ensure that Installation of the goods occurs in a manner that does not impact your manufacturer warranty.

Removal & Disposal

This service is not available in any location

Rental payments are to be made monthly in advance. Goods on a rental contract will remain the property of inRent. You will only have custody of the goods and hold them for and on behalf of inRent providing you do not breach the rental agreement.

At any time, you may contact inRent and ask to pay out your rental agreement; however it is at the absolute discretion of inRent to either accept or decline your request. If your request is accepted, the rental agreement will be terminated from the date inRent receives full payment for the item or goods being purchased.

Any item or goods on your rental agreement are at your own risk. You must keep them safe from theft, damage or destruction.

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The Minimum Term Before Upgrade is the minimum amount of time you must rent any item or goods before you can upgrade to a like-for-like item on a ‘Rent & Upgrade it’ Rental Agreement only. Products on a ‘Rent & Keep it’ Rental agreement cannot be upgraded at any time during the rental term.

*Refers to the minimum rental payable before the goods can be upgraded on a ‘Rent & Upgrade it’ agreement only. On a 36 month contract, after goods have been rented for 12 months they can be upgraded for different goods, at which time a new rental agreement for the upgraded goods will commence. Terms and conditions apply. The rental upgrade period on longer contracts (42 or 48 months) will be longer as well, generally 18 and 24 months respectively, please enquire for more specific detail re these longer terms.